Program at a glance: EVS30 and co-located conference f-cell and BATTERY+STORAGE

Preliminary program, subject to change!

Monday, October 9, 2017
09:00-10:30 A1: Connected and autonomous vehicles - concepts and applications A2: Setting up an efficient charging system A3: Battery systems for electric vehicles A4: Predicting the total cost of ownership for electric vehicles A5: Electric power trains - innovation and developments
Opening Ceremony followed by scene-setting keynote
Dialogue Session
14:45-16:15 B1: Fuel cell vehicle concepts B2: Successful management of charging infrastructure B3: Battery ageing processes - monitoring and prognosis B4: Aiding EV market growth with incentive models B5: Improving driving dynamics
16:30-18:00 D1: Hydrogen infrastructure and H2 purification D2: Implementation of a charging network D3: Thermal and life cycle management of batteries D4: Opportunities for EV market development D5: Testing Processes for electric vehicles
Tuesday, October 10, 2017
Plenary Session
EVS30 & f-cell and BATTERY STORAGE

10:45-12:15 E1: Electrifying heavy duty transport E2: Charging standardization E3: Industrialization of electric mobility E4: Implementing electromobility into daily life E5: Crash safety in electric vehicles E6: Hydrogen generation E7: Battery materials and recycling
Dialogue Session

f-cell and BATTERY+STORAGE Plenary
14:45-16:15 F1: Electric buses in public transport F2: Wireless charging concepts F3: Life cycle assessment of electric vehicles F4: Regional examples of EV adoption F5: Advances in PHEV technologies F6: The role of hydrogen and fuel cells in the energy economy F7: Stationary batteries
16:30-18:00 G1: Innovation in special vehicle technology G2: Latest wireless charging technology G3: Smart grid: how can EVs contribute? G4: EV market development around the globe G5: Latest electric motor technologies G6: Electric aircraft and rail G7: Battery management systems
Wednesday, October 11, 2017
09:00-10:30 H1: : Thermal management of electric vehicles and charging stations H2: : V2G as enabling technology for smarter EV grid integration H3: : Electrification of the supply chain H4: : Mobility as a Service H5: : Barriers and opportunities for an intelligent charging infrastructure
f-cell and BATTERY+STORAGE Plenary
10:45-12:15 J1: Developments in LEV technology J2: Charging infrastructure: Access and location management J3: Renewable energy and electric mobility - synergies and obstacles J4: Evaluating consumer experience and increasing acceptance J5: Entering the mass market with electric mobility J6: Fuel cell materials and components J7: Electric ships, ports and operations
Closing Session
13:30-15:00   K1: : Stationary fuel cells K2: : Sector coupling – Potential markets for fuel cells and batteries
15:15-16:45   f-cell and BATTERY+STORAGE Closing Session